Transitory Ice Cream Inflation

Ice Cream Balloons

Murphy’s Law says no matter how bad things are they could always get worse. Case in point: There is inflation in the number of illegals crossing the border. This is transitory says the administration because inevitably we will run out of illegals. Kamala Harris is in charge of the border inflation which means no matter how bad things are they will inevitably get worse.

There is monetary inflation. The government just prints more money which will have to end because there is only so much paper to use printing money. The side benefit is the reduction in forest fires as trees are deleted. The answer is to eliminate the physical dollar and replace it with totally electronic transactions. This allows monetary inflation to continue unabated and thus it is no longer transitory. Joe and Nancy may just need to pay more for their Ice Cream.

Crime is also suffering from transitory inflation. There are record crime statistics for 2021. Here again this is a transitory increase since at some point there will be no more good stores to rob or good guys to kill and assault.

Covid cases are suffering transitory inflation. After enough people get a variant it will die out and a new transitory variant will be developed. A new variant may have transitory inflation but Covid is enduring.

Antonyms of transitory seem to be more relevant here. For instance: permanent, perpetual, enduring and unending are beginning to replace transitory in the talking points. We at DogFacePonia hope that inflation will encompass Joe Biden’s braincells instead of Biden’s gaffes. The good news is that the Biden Regime is only transitory.

Image From: “PNE Parade 2010 (46)” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by SqueakyMarmot