Bidenflation Explained

Very Small Dollar Bills

“Here’s The Deal, stuff costs more and it is good because people are buying stuff” said Joe Biden “You know the Thing yeah that thing is our top priority because it hurts the people. We will do all we can to fix or continue the situation.” Biden walks out of the room no questions.

DogfacePonia will translate what Biden is trying to say. Ten percent inflation is normal it is so normal it hasn’t happened in 40 years. Stagflation is also normal. Jimmy Carter was an awesome president (compared to Biden). People are just buying more stuff and thus stuff costs more. Printing 10 trillion dollars is also normal (if you live in Zimbabwe).

Wages increased by 8% and the Stock Market is up. Only 10% of workers are out of work due to mandates. Nothing to worry about (according to Biden). It’s not like inflation will more than cancel all wage increases. Besides due to inflation profits are up 8% almost as much as inflation. This must be part of the 10% solution. If you do the Math, the economy is only shrinking a little bit under Biden. CNN say the economy is awesome! Everything is cool when your part of a Team (of Liars).

Mayor Peter and the Energy Secretary Granholm will make jokes out of your legitimate concerns. Haha “You should have thought of that before you got poor or middle class.” said Granholm. “Why don’t you buy a Tesla?” said Mayor Pete

But they have a plan. The best way to fight inflation is with …. inflation. I mean printing money for build back betterish, I mean kind of wait just spend money and Infrustructureish kind of plans. The good news is our highways will be less racist! That will show inflation. If we only knew what happened to all the money Obama spent on Infrastructure. As part of the Infrastructure plan Congress will do more investigation into January 6th and MyPillows.

“Inflation is our Top Priority” said Biden. We here at DogfacePonia are just not sure if it is causing inflation or stopping it. Let’s just check the approval ratings.

Image From: “the shrinking dollar” (CC BY 2.0) by frankieleon