How to Get a Negative Approval Rating

Kamala Harris with Joe Biden in Background

We at DogFacePonia have known for a long time that polls for Democrats are inflated, if not outright made up. If this comes as a shock to you, you haven’t been paying attention (to CNN or MSNBC polls, which is probably a good choice). There are many examples imaginary information. Take a look at 2020 where pretty much the whole year they told us Biden was up double digits, maybe triple digits. At some point, reality sets in. Trump got more votes than any sitting President in history. Democrats then needed to add a few votes to put Biden over the top. More Recently, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was said to be up 8% in polls and on election night just barely overcame the challenger Jack Ciattarelli with 80,000 3 am mail-in votes.

Joe Biden Approval Polls

When looking at these facts and others, many question can polls be believed? We at DogFacePonia say with certainty, no, but that doesn’t mean we can’t gain some information from them. In a recent poll taken by CNN, Biden had an approval rating of 38%. We dug further in and discovered more. When the interviewer questioned “Do you approve of Joe Biden’s performance?” these were the results. 5% said where is my next stimulus check, 13% said they approved, 20% said Let’s Go Brandon, 25% disapprove and 27% said F Joe Biden. The Pollster figured those who said “Let’s Go Brandon” were supporting Joe Biden. Apparently the internet joke “Thank You Brandon” confused them. CNN added the “Where is my stimulus check?” people to the approve column as well for good measure. With all of this it brings his real approval to around 13% (it’s a lucky number).

This means, as we expected CNN is pumping the numbers by at least 20%. We have wondered why any conservative bothered to answer the CNN Poll. It turns out most didn’t. The Disapproves and Let’s Go Brandons largely came from Democrats.

Kamala Approval Polls

This all brings us to Kamala who has a lower approval rating than Joe. In her poll, 5% said approve. 8% said who is Kamala (this included Joe Biden), 15% said Where is Kamala and 72% said disapprove. CNN assumed anyone willing to say her name must approve, So they put her at 28%. Keep in mind over 75 % of people on that polling phone call had already hung up. We really don’t know if anyone supports Kamala. Joe says she Ain’t Black and it seems not even he approves of her. Most of America doesn’t know where she is and are glad when she is gone.

Is Negative Approval Possible?

Though math would tell you that a negative approval is not possible, it would also tell you that Biden having an approval of 38% is not possible. So it matters how you cut the numbers. As we all know Joe got a boost from Mail-In Ballots, people voting in 2 States (or just voting twice), Dead People and illegal immigrants. These were not counted in the poll numbers as they are technically not real or legal voters.

It has already been documented that illegal immigrants are turning on Joe as they have escaped Leftist countries. The countries resemble what Joe is trying to make America into thus they are against him. People voting in 2 states might vote against him in both. Mail in massive dumps could be stopped or go the other way just to get rid of Joe and Kamala. Finally, dead people would rise again just for the chance to give Joe a decaying middle finger. If we add these all up, we predict that they might total 20% of the vote. If we then subtract that from Joe or Kamala’s real Approval you have a negative number.

Some might say this is impossible. Yet the 2020s have been the time for a lot of impossible to become possible (like Biden getting 80 million votes). We at DogFacePonia don’t see why Joe Biden would constrain himself to artificial constructs like math and reality. We are pulling for Kamala. She can be the first woman to be Vice President and the first person ever with a Negative Approval Rating.

Image From: “210210-D-BN624-0864” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense