Where in the World is Kamala Harris?

Woman sitting in a folding chair.

Where in the world is Kamala Harris? Kamala has not been seen for months. She did appear in the President Biden hostage video but observers claim this is a double wearing a mask so you can’t tell. A Missing Person Report has been filed with the FBI. The report designates her as a runaway.

In the search for Kamala Harris, reported missing in Washington, DC, local police have found her car in a “remote wooded area” completely packed with toilet paper. Under the circumstances, foul play is suspected.

Jenn Psaki has said that Kamala Harris was in Singapore and then Vietnam. The news media has debunked this. They say that given the current events in Afghanistan she would not have talked about Christmas presents in Singapore. She also would not have gone to Vietnam because of the terrible optics of evacuations in Saigon at the end or the Vietnam war. 

Reports that Kamala was at the Southern Border were similarly debunked. Investigators found that Ted Cruz had put up a life size poster of Kamala at the border next to a life size poster of AOC which he was using for target practice. It was also found she is not in California, Full searches of Carmen City and San Diego turned up nothing.

DogFacePonia was told to put out a silver alert to all its operatives. She was listed as black although she is looking more white after working with Michael Jackson’s doctor.

Image From: “210528-N-BD231-0339” (Public Domain) by United States Naval Academy Photo Archive