Massive Dumps Exposed

The One Flush(Tm) technology of UberFlush Inc will revolutionize the world and save Democracy.

Trump said, “I was happy to see that UberFlush has stepped up in our time of crisis.” Trump continued stating, “With all the massive dumps in Wisconsin, Uberflush is mobilizing to save Wisconsin and the Constitution.” There were also reports of double dumping and dumps by illegal aliens and dead people. Newsmax has been calling Trump a man of the people who sees the danger of massive dumps. Trump said, “We cannot drain the swamp when we cannot even eliminate massive dumps, we must flush out the election problems.” Many have identified mail-in dumps as being suseptible to fraud because we cannot determine who dumped.

UberFlush has emergency response teams at the ready. Their teams are already on the ground in Wisconsin and Michigan with teams preparing to parachute into Georgia and Arizona. Georgia had censors on their toilets which would have prevented the identification massive dumps, but the resulting flooding in Fulton County exposed the dirty tricks. The company has found an uncensored alternative and these UberFlushers have freaky fast response times.

Projections are that UberFlush Inc will take over more swing states after the election, if not all the country. We asked Mr. Flush, CEO of UberFlush Inc, about the future of the company and he said, “The sky is the limit with our business model of solving massive dumps by listening to Trump.” Mr. Flush said they will follow Dominion wherever the company goes in order to solve the problem of massive dumps for the third world as well.

We at Dogfaceponia support UberFlushers and the Flush for Freedom. With Uberflush we get free elections and proper sanitation everywhere. It’s a win win.

Image From: “dumping” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by reegmo