Remember the Reflush for Freedom is Here

This is a reminder to all our supporters. The original Flush for Freedom Protest on August 1, 2020 exceeded expectations. The swamp was lowered which helped to combat political corruption.   The Great Lakes and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans saw water levels recede significantly.  Therefore, the Flush for Freedom has helped combat climate change as well.

But more is needed. The next Reflush for Freedom is upon us. Tomorrow, September 1 at 7 pm ET we can once again demonstrate our resolve.  Continue combating climate change and draining the swamp.  Be Prepared! Remember when you are home, flush all of your toilets at 7 pm ET on September 1st. Using them first, as usual, is not required.

If we have enough climate change fanatics flushing, we can really make a difference for future generations. Use this exciting protest to teach your children about climate change as well as to remember to flush after each use.