The Biden 10% Solution

Biden with General McKiernan

The Biden 10% Doctrine has been recognized as a new approach to governing. Reagan had a Reagan Doctrine, Monroe had a Monroe Doctrine and Trump had a Trump Doctrine. So Biden needed a Doctrine to one up Trump.

  • Biden says that leaving 10% of Americans behind in Afghanistan was an extraordinary success.
  • The Military is 10% as strong under Biden. 10% of the Military respect their commander and chief.
  • Biden sent back 10% of Haitians who crossed the southern border as Del Rio, another success.
  • Planned Parenthood has done 10% less abortions.
  • Joe Biden has 10% of a normal person’s cognitive ability.
  • Inflation of 10% a year is considered necessary in order to keep the economy growing and we’re gonna make it there. Joe is reducing fuel availability by 10% a month.
  • Biden stole 10% more votes than Trump.
  • Joe had rallies at 10% the size of Trump’s rallies (in his dreams)
  • Biden is trying to reach that magic 10% unemployment by mandating vaccines. The great thing is the government will not pay unemployment for those fired. He also is firing horses at the border.
  • DogFacePonia believes Biden’s real approval rating is about 10% .

We at DogFacePonia believe in 100% solutions. Even a compromise of 50% would be an improvement.

Image From: “” (CC BY 2.0) by The U.S. Army

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