Nevada Service Industry Mandate

Pete Buttigieg in Las Vegas

The Nevada State Board of Health voted Friday to require vaccinations for those who work with vulnerable populations. As of Monday, a mere  51% of Metro employees have been fully vaccinated. That includes both state staff and contract employees working in the service industry.

President Biden also signed an Executive Order that requires this mandate for employees of contactors that do business with the federal government. Hunter Biden’s girls are categorized as federal service workers. We are not sure about Mayor Pete’s Men.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says employers may mandate COVID-19 vaccines or ask for proof of vaccination. But the employer’s policies must meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requirements and provide reasonable accommodations. Service workers are a protected class in Nevada. Though already on their backs, these workers are provided with paid time off to be vaccinated and for vaccine reactions. Essential workers in Nevada now must show a vaccination ID to have/provide services. And what is more essential in Nevada than service workers.

Unionized delivery personnel like the US Postal Service have been exempted and service delivery personnel believe they should also be exempt. They are now suing the federal government after forming a union.

Many service workers have sincerely held religious beliefs and are also seeking religious exemptions. Employers who can prove “undue hardship” — be it financial or operational — are not required to accommodate an employee’s religious exemption request. These rules demonstrate why accommodating religious exemption creates undue hardship. (Esp. 2 , 5 and 6)


  1. Wear a face mask at work
  2. Work at a social distance from co-workers and others
  3. Work a modified shift to reduce chances of spreading the virus
  4. Get COVID-19 tests periodically to keep co-workers safe
  5. Get the option to work remotely possibly
  6. Accept a reassignment of job duties

Medical restrictions like an allergy or bad reaction to a vaccine are possible medical exemption claims. Illegal aliens are exempt and are in high demand from human traffickers.

The tourist trade is significantly impacted in Nevada. To counteract this problem service employers are providing backdated vaccination records. Osha swat teams are gearing up to go to Nevada to carry out search warrants on these vicious criminal enterprises.

To help SWAT teams achieve these goals, they are equipped with some of the most modern military and specialist equipment:

  • Automatic weapons
  • Submachine guns
  • Carbines – such as Colt CAR-15 or M4
  • Riot shotguns – such as the Benelli M1
  • Semi-automatic pistols – such as M1911 series, SIG Sauer series, Beretta 92 series, Glock pistols, and H&K USP series
  • Assault rifles
  • Sniper rifles
  • Stun grenades
  • Battering rams

Defensive and tactical measures include:

  • Body armor
  • Entry tools
  • Armored vehicles
  • Ballistic shields
  • Thermal/night vision equipment
  • Motion detectors
  • Stun grenades
  • Tear gas; flashbangs
  • Chicken Sandwichs

We at DogFacePonia believe the government at all levels is gambling on vaccines and going overboard with enforcement. We suppose gambling makes sense in Nevada but that doesn’t explain the rest of the nation. But What is Nevada without 51% or more of their service workers? Independent contractors appear to be unaffected by these mandates.

Image From: “PFA-021920CK-0090” (Public Domain) by Pete For America