Carcinogen Roulette

Roulette wheel spinning

Birth control pills have long been known to be a class 1 carcinogen. One pill also causes 8 times the number of blood clots in women as does the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The FDA and the CDC are not suspending the sale and use of birth control pills. The birth control pill will however have a new warning saying use a condom not a pill to avoid blood clots and cancer. They are seen as necessary health care and must be covered by health insurance. Soon Cigarettes, Alcohol, Medical Marijuana and Gambling will be covered by insurance too. It is strange health care costs keep going up and there is really no indication as to why.

Speaking of Gambling, if you feel lucky play Birth Control Roulette and take the pill. An alternative is Planned Parenthood Roulette which should only be needed if you don’t play Birth Control Roulette or if the condom leaks but nothing is foolproof (and Democrats are fools). Take note that abortion also increases breast cancer risk. Be sure to wear your mask as it may increase your chance of cancer. (It’s like there is no option to abstain or something like that.)

Warning labels will be put on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine when it is back on the market (if ever). Maybe the whole country will just start to look like California and list everything as causing cancer. Clearly suspending its use was best because they really want you to play China Vaccine Roulette and get one of the M-RNA Gene Therapy Vaccines instead. Of course the Liberals will say it must have been Trump’s fault there were problems after all he owns Casinos. The J&J vaccine will have the following warning use a mask not a shot to avoid blood clots. If you feel lucky, you have only 1 chance in a million of getting this disorder so go for it. Play China vaccine roulette and get the shot. Odds are better than Russian Roulette with a gun.

Democrats would like you to believe the abstinence doesn’t work when it comes to vaccines, gambling or really anything else. We here at DogFacePonia prefer to know the facts and avoid gambling.

Image From: “Roulette” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by stoneflower