New Vaccine Mandate Exemptions

2 Trucks Crash on snow

Illegal immigrants will do jobs Americans won’t do like pilots, air traffic controllers, long shoremen, nurses, doctors and truck drivers to name a few. Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, has seen this as an opportunity to solve the supply chain failures. He has taken a few minutes off from his paternity leave to tell a dorky dad story about the supply chain problems. Pete has done so much good for this country. As we can all see, the supply chain went without a hitch while he was gone for two months. The lack of drivers, pile up of container ships, gas price hikes were all just part of the plan.

Pete is now revealing his next plan. Illegal aliens can be brought in to fill empty positions in the supply chain. They can claim the illegal alien (IA) exemption to the vaccine mandate. Latino air traffic controllers would provide Spanish language communications. The Haitians could provide French language access. The same would be true for pilots.

To improve the supply chain problems, aliens can be hired in New York and California as drivers where they can get a driver’s license. Another option being considered is to use Crash Test Dummies as they have extensive experience driving safely.

No word yet on whether Crash Test Dummies will receive an exemption since they are not animate. However, if it is determined Crash Test Dummies are exempt then we may have a bunch of Democrats try to register as a new gender of Crash Test Dummy.

In New York, many medical professionals were fired because of the Covid vaccine mandate. The state is filling those positions by hiring foreign medical professionals.  Those medical professionals could possibly still claim an alien exemption. Even though they come legally into the USA, they have not waited in line and gone through the normal process so they are good to go! Plus they do not need to be vaccinated for anything normally done in childhood like Mumps Measels, Polio, RSV and more. This will make the medical system totally under control, just like the border and the supply chain.

It all is working so well. Fauci now plans to take some leave (from cancelling holidays) to give birth to some new humanized mice and a new variant or 2 of Covid viruses.

We here in DogFacePonia are almost as confused about these ideas as figuring out how it is possible for Pete Buttigieg and his partner to conceive a baby. I guess they are non-birthing parents now. Clearly, we already have a Crash Test Dummy problem though I believe they are commonly referred to as Democrats. Besides Crash Test Dummies would fix the highway and supply chain. Things will be so great it might only cost 3.5 Trillion to fix the infrastructure.

Image From: “Hit My Hot Button!” (CC BY 2.0) by born1945