Obama and Other Variants of Interest

Biden in Mask in a Car Waving

CNN’s Jim Acosta told us we should name Variants after Republican Governors that he claims are fighting the “Science”. Of course we have all been told Delta Variant is causing a huge rise in cases and we should all be afraid.

What is strange is that Liberal Governors, Presidents and Ex-Presidents don’t seem too concerned with Delta Variants. Maybe we can name the Variants after the events that they have allowed. We wonder what the side effects could be.

Variants to Watch For

Lollapalooza Variant – Lolla Variant for short. Thousands in Chicago attended and nobody seemed to bat an eye. Sure they will complain of the Sturgis Event. Interestingly, the vaccination rates for Senior Citizens (which include most Sturgis bikes) is significantly higher than all the unvaccinated murders in the 18-30 range who were attending Lollapalooza. Those contracting this variant will be confused and see Foo everywhere and start fighting it instead of Science. Maybe then their mama can sing them a lollaby about counting sheep.

Biden Border Variant – BBV kind of sounds like a cool variant but it is anything but cool. It seems to be rather prevalent (especially with Democrats). According to some reports 100,000 infected migrants have illegally entered the United States. As an Added bonus they are probably unvaccinated to measles, mumps, RSV, Whooping Cough – you name it. Clearly this has no impact on the numbers of infected people in America. It must be the unvaccinated that are to blame. If you catch this variant you will be an idiot that can no longer complete sentences. If you get this you also will probably wear masks while in your car. One thing we do know is Kamala does not have this variant as she never went to the border.

Obama 60th Birthday Bash Variant – Obama Variant for short. This was the party for anybody who is anybody in Liberal land. Make a guess at how many masks were seen? Maybe Vaccine Passports? But no biggie they can all go back to Washington and super spread this Variant like all the Democrats from Texas. If you get this variant you will become a smug, know it all, donkeyhole. Watch out this Variant might make you more susceptible anti-science like CRT. We have no word on if Biden attended this event but he may be infected with multiple variants.

Vaccination Variant – So CDC says that vaccinated people can spread the Virus too!! What an awesome Vaccine! But CNN and Biden will blame the Unvaccinated for the spread because you know they refuse to comply like sheep. We keep hearing if allowed to spread in the unvaccinated it will spawn a new variant which is true. The flu gets new variants every single year! All we have to do is just follow the science to know that if the Vaccinated are spreading the disease they too will spawn a new variant.

We here in DogFacePonia don’t know whether to be scared or not. On one hand CNN is telling us to be scared and typically that means we should do the opposite. On the other hand I don’t want to catch the BBV or Obama variant and become a Liberal moron. It is a free country, for now, so we guess we still get to make a choice.

Image From: “Joe Biden” (Public Domain) by US Department of State