Hells Angels Senior Citizens of the Year

As bikers age, Sturgis has been referred to as a “senior citizen” frat party.  They don’t social distance or wear masks (not macho). Hells Angels say bring it on as they all go out and buy canes and walkers to take with them when they go to peaceful protests.

What could be scarier than a Hells Angel with a walker? Not even a biker with Covid-19.

People are afraid of the superspreader event attended by the bikers. There were 462,182 bikers estimated to have gone to South Dakota. A huge .00015% or 70 people were said to have gotten Covid-19. People who were already afraid of Hells Angels now have another reason to run the other way.  They can disperse a crowd of peaceful protesters in a flash.

An army of Hells Angels has been dispatched to rioting hot spots. Antifa is running. Peace now reigns in Kenosha, for example, which people have credited to the National Guard but reporters have noticed a significant number of bikers with walkers and signs saying “Avoid Covid; Avoid Hells Angels“.

Freedom has no age. A 95 year old biker with a walker is freer than some 25 year old Antifa punk any day and I’d pick one them in a fight vs 10 of the punks.

Hells Angels were nominated by Dogdaceponia for a Senior Citizen Award.

Image From : “Squad Insignia Patch, Fighter Squad 71’s” (Public Domain) by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives