Novel Ideas to Help With Border Crisis

Kamala Laughing

We here at DogFacePonia are seeking ideas to limit illegal immigration at the southern border at Del Rio. A Sampling of the suggestions provide a possible blueprint for HHS.

  • Line up  porta-pottys at the border. This is a win-win solution because it blocks the border and is a humane solution because it provides migrants a place to relieve themselves. It we put servers in them they can run firewalls with is a type of wall so there is that.
  • Put a sign up that says Abortions are illegal here in Texas. It will at least scare away the liberal immigrants. Texas wants to put this on the entire border of the state in hopes of keeping Californians out as well.
  • Horses are banned now for use by the CBP but we at DogFacePonia are offering our ponies to replace them. DogFacePony soldiers are optional.
  • Broadcast Kamala’s cackle over a loudspeaker. That will scare illegals off especially as Halloween nears.
  • Have the Cuomo Brothers greet anyone trying to cross especially women. ICE is opening new facilities for old people to be run by former Governor Cuomo.
  • Introduce Alligators to the Rio Grande.
  • Have Joe Biden have a rally at the border. This would result in no one coming. Unfortunately he would have to leave for his nap.
  • Have a Trump Rally in Mexico everyone will want to go so much that they will leave the border to attend. Problem is they might come back after the rally is done.

These might be great, but we at DogfacePonia do think the best way to fix the Border crisis is to reinstate Trump as President.

Image From: “Kamala Harris” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore