CNN Conflict of Interest

Black and White picture of Chris Cuomo

In an announcement today, CNN has declared they will no longer be biased. Many media sources were extremely confused, some other MSM could not even understand how their comrade could even be considered biased. We here in DogFacePonia are super confused as we thought we could expect biased coverage of all subject matters on CNN.

It appears that Fredo Cuomo will no longer cover any stories that involve his brother, Dr King Cuomvorkian of New York. Fredo said that he has a conflict of interest. Fredo is not interested in reporting News on his murderous, sexually predator Brother and neither is CNN. This kind of reporting might hurt the Democratic Party.

CNN said that they will continue hatred of Donald Trump and Republicans to unite the nation. Jim Acosta then asked, “How will hatred bring unity?” Like a Miracle Jen Psaki circled in to save the day… somehow just like that she circles out any people who did not submit questions ahead of time per Biden executive order FU-ALL-911. We lost many good people in DogFacePonia, yet we will continue the peaceful protest… (insert controversial word here in place of peaceful protest)

CNN has many conflicts of interest when it comes to the News. CNN is not interested in reporting on Epstein or his Island or reporting on Hunter Biden or his laptop. Nor does it have any interest in reporting on the Peace Achievements of Former President Trump. Portland has been on fire for about 200 days due to Riots. CNN figured out it no longer helped the polls, so they conveniently stopped their reporting on it. It simply has a conflict of interest with the truth and had to fire it. CNN is no longer interested in news that might harm the Democratic Party or disagree with the opinions of it’s talking heads. Thus it will no longer be biased – it will just not report the news at all.

Image From: “Chris Cuomo” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Thomas Hawk