Despicable Cuomo

Lego Minions from Despicable Me

The Plot of Despciable Me

A supervillain Gru has a plan to steal the moon. He has the help of his minions and an arsenal of weapons and War Machines. Gru will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Things don’t go the planned and Gru ends up saving the world and adopting 3 children and becomes their father.

The Plot of Despicable Cuomo

A Supervillain Cuomo creates a plan to win an Emmy and stop Trump from getting reelected. He has the help of an arsenal of Economic Weapons, BLM, Covid Virus and CNN brainwashing. Cuomo and his Minions including his Brother Fredo. will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Things don’t go to plan and he ends up killing Grandma and gets caught.

Now Andrew Cuomo has released a statement today to explain some things.

I always have the best interest of New York in mind with everything I do. This so-called evidence does not become evidence unless a court will hear the evidence. In other words, we can change the facts just by ignoring them, I have spoken to my Brother, Fredo Cuomo, and he told me CNN in on board to help ignore as many sworn affidavits as needed.

These issues will pass. Remember it is all Trump’s fault and I fail to understand why people cannot accept this. You should continue to trust in me and my minions to do everything in the best interest of the people of New York. My Euthanasia program is in the best interests of all of New York and saved countless lives. We have even considered rolling out the Euthanasia on a larger scale so more New Yorkers can benefit.

I will have my staff make up some numbers and you will see how well I have treated you. More good things to come.

Unlike the Movie there is no happy ending and the only thing they have in common is that Cuomo is despicable. We can only hope prison is in his bright future.

Image From: “Evil Minion with Kevin” (CC BY 2.0) by stupid_systemus