Cuomo Wishes America Had No Good News During the Trump Presidency

King Cuomo came out today and said it was bad news that The Covid-19 vacine was making progress under Trump. Pfizer tried to explain that the Trump Administration didn’t pay for the Vaccine research other than the $2 Billion it got for 100 Million Vaccines of Course.

Cuomo said “How will we keep people in lockdown if we have a vaccine?” We wanted Biden to Save America. We might have to work to undermine this vaccine and come up with another one under the Biden Administration.”

Sure a few people might die but Cuomo has been ok with sending COVID to Nursing Homes so more death is really not a big deal to him. He wants to control distribution. He wants to distribute the vaccine to peaceful protesters first. That way more old people could die before getting access to the vaccine. Cuomo this that the old people really aren’t helping the state.

“Old people tend to be Conservative but Dead people are Democrates” Cuomo Said

Cuomo said he also thought all good news under the Trump Administration was bad. The Peace Treaties and the economic recovery have been really bad news. We wanted Biden and the Democrats to get credit for all of that. Cuomo said although he was pleased that COVID occurred during Trumps Administration he was Sad that there was no asteroid strike to blame on Trump.

Cuomo said that he has had discussions with his Brother and CNN to try to hide any good news from Trump because it is all Bad. However this is something that is really hard to hide from people because we are all in lockdown. Not only that but the Stock Market rallied on the news, it was the worst case scenario he could think of. Highly respected polls showed that people want this by a margin of 2 to 1. No old people were polled, only peaceful protesters.

Cuomo said he would do his best to make sure that everyone in New York suffered until Joe Biden was President. There is no joy in Cuomoville tonight mighty Trump has a vaccine.

Image From: “Vaccine with a possible cure for Coronav” (CC BY 2.0) by