If a Tree Falls on Cuomo

Uprooted Tree

It is hard to be universally hated. Usually someone likes or at least tolerates you. Andrew Cuomo has somehow managed this feat. We would feel bad for him if he wasn’t an egotistical, sexual harassing, maniac, grandma murderer but alas he is.

You’d think it would be hard for Cuomo to find more people who hate him but you would be wrong. In his final days as Governor he abandoned his dog and pardoned some dangerous murderers. PETA must hate Cuomo too. Also anyone who doesn’t like murders. I’ll bet ISIS and the Taliban still support Cuomo.

When Cuomo left office he held a “Farewell” news conference. We are not sure anyone wished him well other than his mama, Matilda. Even she has to be mad as a political dynasty she helped found was coming to an end. This because Cuomo couldn’t stop harassing people and keep his hands to himself. You’d think people would learn this in Kindergarten. Cuomo’s own brother Fredo had been distancing himself for months and breathed a sign of relief as he no longer has a conflict of interest. Fredo can go back to being a low rate, pathetic, unwatched host on a terrible network.

Birds have been seen near Cuomo flying overhead to drop a dose of luck right on his head. Just maybe that would feel lucky for everyone other than Cuomo. The people are lucky now that he’s gone. I guess you reap what you sow, the people of New York elected him. That is unless people of another Dominion elected Cuomo. We here at DogfacePonia wonder if a tree fell on Cuomo would anyone know? or care? Would it make a sound? It seems the answer is no. We wish him the best of luck in prison.

Image From: “Fallen Tree” (CC BY 2.0) by slgckgc