Cuomo 93% Appropriate Behavior

Mario Cuomo Voting Pin

Governor Cuomo claims that his interactions with those who have accused him of sexual harassment are 93% appropriate. After all 50% of his interactions have been with men. Only a few of them have made accusations. He also has blamed some of the women with having confused him with his brother, Chris Cuomo, his Father Mario or Cousin Luigi. Something must run in the family. Word is a princess is now accursing Cuomo as well.

It also seems Cuomo feels it was appropriate for him not to wear a mask 93% of the time. This even as he ordered everyone else in the state to do so. 7% of the time for photo ops he was willing to wear one. Sure is nice to see Cuomo only feels the need to follow 93% of the laws in New York.

Cuomo claims that he is just a loving father figure and mentor to these accusers. He created a hugging video which he presented in his defense. Several people have nominated the video for an Emmy which would be his second. For some reason, his accusers didn’t feel comfortable with the video. Cuomo feels unfairly treated after only returning 93% of elderly Covid patients to nursing homes.

MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell, appeared on CNN and offered to give the Governor a hug and he’s not even Italian according to the anchor. Gay and transmen and other members of the LGBTQ community are suing the governor for unequal treatment because they were not harassed.

Cuomo is pondering a new book on leadership in the me-too era. In the meantime, he will be polishing his Emmy and working on his criminal and impeachment defense. Cuomo surprised the country today by resigning in 14 days. He did this to save his brother Chris’ job at CNN and to become a CNN contributor as well. King Cuomo has abdicated!!

We here in DogFacePonia hope the whole Cuomo Family stays more than 93% away from us.

Image From : “Mario Cuomo for Mayor NYC Button” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Mpls55408