Cuomo Racist Harassment Selections

Black and White Andrew Cuomo Picture

Class Action Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Cuomo Amid Allegations of Racism

As the number of sexual harassment charges against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to grow, Reverend Al Carpton weighed in via Fox News. “While it is true that he did not discriminate against age, sexual or religious orientation,” complained Rev. Al Carpton, “it must be noted that NONE of the women or men he sexually harassed were people of color.” Carpton went on to say that he had been shocked to find that not even one person of color was included in the over 70 cases.

When Carpton’s remarks were brought up on The Five, most of the commentators dismissed them as silly. Apparently, the dismissal was not enough for Juan Williams who felt it was necessary to compare him to former President Trump. “Cuomo is not a racist. If you want to look at a racist, look at Trump.” There was silence on the stage for a few seconds, then Jesse Watters asked “You do know Trump dated Kara Young? You do know his son-in-law is Jewish?” Gutfeld cut the conversation short “This is really idiotic. Cuomo is racist because he isn’t attracted to black women and Trump is racist because he is.”

A retired railroad employee is the latest in the growing list of accusers. Others involved in the lawsuit include 36 former state employees, 28 women “met at parties”, 5 sanitation workers, 2 toll booth operators, a transvestite, 2 massage therapists and movie star Bridget the Midget.

Image From: “Andrew Cuomo” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Thomas Hawk