The New Ism

Peta "People Eating Tasty Animals" Bumper Sticker on Truck

Another advocacy group (PETA) has been calling for an end to speciesism. Why is everyone concerned about sexism, racism, and all the other isms but not speciesism? Animals are routinely degraded by the language we use and this has to end said PETA.

Joe is under attack from a PETA which is advocating for verbal correctness in language. They have been inspired by Nancy Pelosi’s banning of gender pronouns. We at DogFacePonia agree with PETA on this. Joe has repeatedly referred to our ponies as lyin’ dog face ponies.

PETA is suggesting alternatives to the popular phrases that they feel “trivialize animal cruelty” so instead of bringing home the bacon, they suggest replacing it with bringing home the bagels instead. Hunter would be proud and it will be much heralded by the delis around Washington DC and elsewhere.

And what’s this about Democrats being Donkeys and Republicans Elephants? How demeaning can you get? This results in a lot of belittling language about Donkeys and Elephants.

Here are some of our suggestions to meet PETA standards:

  • Drug mule    –   Hunter Biden
  • Lyin DogfacePonies – People who challenge Biden
  • Doggie style – Fauci Style
  • Chicken Dance – The (Mitch) McConnell Dance
  • Cow pies – Not edible pies
  • Horseplay – Congress Play
  • Going to the dogs – Going to the Chinese
  • The elephant in the room – the Republican in the room
  • Jackass – Democrat
  • Pig-headed – Pelosi Headed
  • Cocky – Adam Shifty

In case you were worried, We here at Dogfaceponia promise we will not change our name for anyone at PETA or in Congress.

Image From: “Funny bumper sticker” (CC BY 2.0) by Robert Scoble