Biden’s Gender Pronoun Swear Jar

As the White House begins to get the renovations rolling to re-name it The Woke House, cabinet members have made themselves a little game to pass the time.

With gender identities and issues being foremost on the mind of many liberals and politicians alike, it has yet to take grip with the stable part of old Joe’s mind. Even the VP herself is coming to terms with it, being the first Female VP the history of our nation. So with this in mind, let’s speak of the new cabinet’s office pool and swear jar! So they convinced Sleepy Joe he needed to be woke and not just from his nap. They told him he needed help and every time he made a mistake he would need to contribute the the jar.

Like you would imagine, it is like a swear jar only it involves mistakes Joe makes with Gender Pronouns and other gender mistakes! Example: “You look lovely today Madame VP.”, that’s a swear! Money in the jar! Just imagine Old Joe laying into a reporter for asking a tough question. “Come on man,” he spews to a burly reporter who angrily lashes out, “I am a woman sir.” Members of the cabinet tally the score and have Joe pay up. Of course they only send women to collect so when they ask for the money Joe says his trademark “Come Man” and that is another dollar to the jar.

Rachel Levine (who Biden selected as assistant health secretary) is the perfect person to get the Gender Jar loaded up with money. She, It, They is a Transgender Women the other cabinet members like to send them in to collect the money or just to have COVID conversations with Joe. In a single conversation Joe calls Rachel he, Sir, Madam, him and her at least 6 times and the money rolls into the jar. Joe hasn’t figured out the whole “They” thing yet. His ideas on gender are kind of like his views on race and he is trapped in a Gender Jungle at the White (Woke) House.

Some in recent times has asked who Joe is donating his salary to as Trump always donated to a charity. We now know Joe is donating the vast majority of his Salary to the Gender Jar.

Money in the jar! Let’s talk money. Where could all this money possibly be allocated to after the caches overflow? Well rumor has it all funds accumulated will be going to none other than, you guessed it, the Clinton Foundation. Why you ask? Well it is for Gender Studies in America because It seems our funding got sent to a Foreign country that only recognizes two genders. We should all be as lucky one day to get the wonderful aide from our elected representatives that they give to our brotherly countries.

Image From: “Money Jar” (CC BY 2.0) by crschmidt