Biden’s Great White Start

Biden head upside-down white background

Biden has had a fantastic first 200 days it seems that all is going according to plan. Still the polls are plummeting. Joe has had to explain why the polls are wrong. He never had to do this before because CNN just made them up.

Biden said he has “The biggest threat to America, The White Supremist threat, under control”. There has not been a single white nationalist terrorist attack since he become president. The Great White Hype is totally knocked out.

Joe is proud of the inflation he has caused – The President blamed food price spikes on shipping bottlenecks and the consolidation of major agricultural corporations but defended it as a great thing for the economy and the American people. The obesity epidemic will be reduced by the increase in food prices. This will also reduce health care costs.

Joe has continued pandemic employment assistance – This has caused a worker shortage and thus a raise in wages. Unfortunately, this has not taken into account the minimum wage of home leisure (also called couch potato) as a new work category.

By returning Covid positive patients to nursing homes – The lifetime of Medicare has been extended and the Social Security fund bankruptcy date has been extended as well. This was a great policy of the blue state governors. Biden has also shipped Covid positive aliens around the country to create herd immunity especially in the schools. This will also have the benefit of scaring anti-vaccers into getting the vaccine. Another win-win.

By reducing oil production and the consequential rise in gasoline prices – The country is reducing carbon emissions in the US and raising them in Middle Eastern Countries as they are begged to make up the shortfall. This is again a win-win. Oil price increases also support the Biden inflation policy and reduces health care costs by reducing car travel.

By exiting quickly from Afghanistan, Biden has ended our involvement and limited the number of refugees by not getting them out in time. This is part of our new China policy. History shows that countries invading Afghanistan have suffered for it. The US is not alone in being mired down in Afghanistan. The Russians and the British before them were unsuccessful in Afghanistan. Opening the door for China is a great move. History will support this Biden policy.

We at DogFacePonia find these policies confusing. They appear to have unintended consequences which are not being reported. We do know that these polices will open the door to Trump “Making America Great Again”.

Image From: “BIDEN” (Public Domain) by jones680303