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Kegger on the Border

Migrants, especially from Haiti, have come to the International Bridge at Del Rio. Many are bringing Corona with them. What can you do? Hold a kegger! The Corona Beer maker Constellation Beverages has provided kegs for the 12000+ immigrants who are partying under the bridge. DHS doesn’t seem to be concerned about the party as they are busy looking for mythical domestic terrorists.

I don’t always throw a kegger under the international bridge at Del Rio but when I do it’s because Biden is a moron. This was spoken by the most  interesting man in the world.

Dos Equis also provided kegs so that Mexican immigrants were not left out of the festivities. Tryouts for the most interesting man under the bridge also took place. Ted Cruz tried out for the job but he lost to a Haitian because of a disproportionate number of Haitian. Ten women helped out by giving birth.

Kamala was a no show for the party as nobody knows where she is.

Red Hot Chili Peppers music was preferred by partiers. Under The Bridge and Soul to Squeeze seem to be popular with the crowd. Some singing “Where I go I just don’t know I might end up somewhere in Mexico”

Partiers who were flown to Haiti for vacations took Corona with them on Delta. Migrants were moved to various locations on party buses with stripper poles because of a lack of transportation and bus drivers.

We at DogFacePonia support keggers so long as everyone goes back to their home safe.

Image From: “Beer kegs” (CC BY 2.0) by James Cridland


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