Teddy Does Donna

Ted Cruz with Beard

Ted Cruz went to Mexico this week and got a coyote to get him across the Rio Grande border to the United States. The Republican Party was paid to rent Ted Cruz to traffickers to take him across the border. He wished to experience what the other unaccompanied minors experience. He turned himself in to the border patrol claiming to be a teenager and spent time in a child detention center in Donna, Texas.  He is recognized as a national hero for taking the risk of Covid-19 but since he has been vaccinated he was not concerned.  Some caregivers questioned his age but since he clearly came across the border and looked Hispanic, they did not feel safe reporting him. He was trafficked across the border 3 times.

A group of Republican Representatives took pictures in the Donna, Texas facility and captured Ted Cruz reading Dr. Seuss to the other minors. He was disguised in a Biden T-shirt and jeans. He didn’t shave his Covid beard though. Democrats choose not to send AOC (or anyone else) to do a fake crying pose. She was afraid Ted Cruz might Almost Murder her and because Democrats don’t care anymore because there is a Democrat in the White House. Republicans will continue to rent out Cruz and others as a fund raising opportunity.

An undercover DogFacePony soldier attempted to cross the border like Ted Cruz. He was identified as an alien from a country that had Trump ties and was deported back to Mexico. We are still trying to get the undercover operative back to the United States.

Image From: “Ted Cruz” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore