The Main Stream Media Declares Itself Victorious Over Trump

The Main stream Media declared itself victorious over Trump. It was a hard fought 5 year campaign to stop Trump and the will of Americans. But they say they have done it.

“We were really pushing the Count every Vote Campaign but now that we have the number we need the count can stop.” said MSNBC

CNN Said “We Won! After all that work and 2 different candidates we finally are in a position to brainwash the public without interference.

ABC said “Sure there are a few (million) irregularities and “software glitches”. That helped us get to where we are today but we don’t need to mention that. We got the result we wanted.”

AP said “Joe Biden won Arizona even though it it closer than North Carolina which we refuse to call. There are more outstanding votes to be counted in Arizona than Georgia but it just fits our narrative of a blue wave”

“It was a hard campaign and we had to literally ignore stories like Mid-East Peace Deals, make up Polls and create anonymous sources. But the hardest part was suppressing the Hunter Biden Story.” said CBS.

The Main stream media is considering when the right time to bring back the Hunter story if Biden doesn’t do what they say.

We here at DogFacePonia think the Main Stream media must be in fairy tale land. We don’t think it is over by a longshot.

Image From: “CNN Grill at the Democratic Convention” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by US Department of State