The Ponia Vs. Washington Post

According to the Washington Post, “The final chapter of the Trump presidency has become a crude effort to manufacture what doesn’t exist and to deny what does.” DogFacePonia could go into many things like Unicorns, Dragons, Hobbits, Etc, but we will choose to talk about the manufacturing of lies.

  1. Trump has not been determined the loser except by the media (NOT THE CONSITUTON), I will remind you how accurate the polls they fed us were. The MSM (Main Stream Media also known as the Lame Stream Media) relies on polls where numbers are about as correct as China’s reported COVID Deaths. Basically both are totally made up for China’s Benefit. Win, Lose or Draw, Trump can mark his presidency with truth, justice, and the American way (This is blamed on Regeneron which made him want to rip open his shirt like superman).
  2. What does not exist is a magical Russian conspiracy, this is because it appears Biden won. As such it is not important to the MSM, a fair election is only something that is talked about when their candidate loses (Al Gore, Hillary Clinton). Did a Russian conspiracy ever exist (maybe Dominion Software was invaded by Russia)? Did a Trump presidency ever exist? Was it a fraud or was the fraud the information delivered… One, Two, C R A C K, BOOM tootsie roll center of the tootsie pop!!! Three is surely the answer. Hunter Biden told me, rumor has is he knows his crack.
  3. Denial, I have heard the MAN, MR DONALD J TRUMP, say, tweet, many things. However, in the world nothing likely is more elaborate than the portraits presented against him. How dare anyone paint a different portrait?

We at DogFacePonia don’t believe the final chapter is over and we don’t believe the Media gets to decide.

We believe Freedom is free (but have you looked at your taxes lately) and thus President Donald J Trump is free to make choices based on the laws and freedoms that comes with it. He is free to concede or not. Sadly, we have found that that freedom we love, the Constitution we love, has nothing to do with past, future or current presidents!

So when you read the news next time you can choose. The Washington Post claims they are telling the truth with an army of bias factchecking Gnomes. They are just pushing an agenda. Maybe Dogfaceponia is all fairy tales but we admit it. Most fairy tales have a lesson. Today’s lesson you get to figure it out, that is what freedom is.