Unicorn Trump Train

In Texas on Halloween, a Trump train, flags flying, with members dressed as unicorns was accused of surrounding a Biden bus and trying to push it off the road. The trucks were said to have been interfering with the bus by driving as slow as 20 miles per hour (forsooth and oh no). This was a sleepy speed in honor of sleepy Joe.

The use of the unicorn costumes was to emphasize that seeing unicorns is as rare as an appearance of Joe Biden outside his basement.

Apparently, this incident was a case of Russian misinformation (not sure how). The Trump supporters claimed to be heading for a Halloween Event and were driving slowly because they were lost.  They thought the Biden bus was attending the same event so they attempted to get the bus to assist them by honking their horns to get the attention of the driver.

Misunderstanding their intention, the driver called the police.  (The same bus driver was ticked the next day for casuing a fender bender.) All ended well except the bus passengers cancelled their attendance at the party. On the bright side they didn’t get COVID-19 either. However, the FBI is investigating they need to have evidence against Trump should he be re-elected. You gotta plan early for the next impeachment. DogFacePonia approved of the choice of costumes.

Image From: “Unicorns and a cow” (CC BY 2.0) by sanchom