AOC (Albatross of Congress)

Albatross Bird with a Letter A necklace

In nautical lore, albatrosses are a sign of good fortune and attempting to kill one is said to bring bad luck. An albatross is a large white bird deemed an omen of good fortune.

Pelosi had a large orange albatross following her for 4 years.  Pelosi attempted to eliminate the albatross with the first impeachment and now the albatross is around her neck. An albatross around one’s neck torments someone incessantly. The albatross is a heavy burden that prevents one from achieving success.

Nancy is trying to figure out how to get the Trump albatross off her neck. To accomplish this she has again impeached the former president. Like the Ancient mariner, she had to pray for Trump instead and now he is gone, more or less.

Now AOC torments Nancy consistently in Congress on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook (YouTwitFace). She has AOC as an albatross tormenting her incessantly. She is afraid to attempt to rid herself of AOC because then she would have another albatross around her neck. A day doesn’t go by without AOC making an outrageous statement.  She thinks she is important enough for Ted Cruz to almost murder her which, if true, Nancy would love because then the AOC albatross would hang around Ted’s neck. AOC really believes Ted Cruz almost murdered her in the capital invasion when she wasn’t even in the capital.  This suggests both delusions of persecution and delusions of grandeur.

Can Nancy survive another 2 years with the AOC albatross in Congress. She is encouraging her to run against Schumer for Senate because then she would either be gone or at least in the Senate.

We at DogFacePonia believe that Schiff is another albatross circling Nancy but she has a plan for him too. She is encouraging his desire to be California AG.

Image From: “Albatross – Caricature” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by DonkeyHotey