Democrats Confused Bad Deals with Terrorists leads to more Terrorists

Biden and Netanyahu

Hamas an Iranian Linked Terrorist group attacked Israel and ruthlessly killed and kidnapped Israeli Citizens in the process. Many pointed out that on September 11th, 2023 Biden gave Iran $6 Billion in frozen funds in exchange for American Prisoners.

Let’s talk about the Art of The Deal and Democrat Deals with Terrorists

  • Biden got a WNBA Player who dunks and brings drugs illegally to Russia. Russia got the Merchant of Death.
  • Biden got 5 Prisoners. Iran got 5 prisoners and $6 Billion Dollars.
  • Obama got 4 Americas. Iran got 21 Terrorists, $400 Million in frozen funds plus 1 Billion in interest, and a terrible Nuclear Deal.

A Flock of Democrats and their Sheep said wait, what does that have to do with anything? So we wondered about what Democrats and terrorists might think about these deals.


  • How did you feel about the Britney Griner Trade? It’s great she can dunk though I never watch the NBA it was totally worth it.
  • How do you feel about 5 Prisoners for $6 Billion dollars? Thats a great deal only a bit over a Billion each. Can a price really be named for an American Life?
  • How do you feel about Obama’s deal? Well nobody has nuked us so it worked out.
  • All of these deals show that diplomacy can work!


  • How did you feel about the Britney Griner Trade? It was nice of America to leave all this cool equipment we could use to kidnap people. If we need anything else we can make a trade with the Merchant of Death.
  • How do you feel about 5 Prisoners for $6 Billion dollars? For every American you nab you can get $1 Billion Dollars! It’s like winning the lottery.
  • How do you feel about Obama’s deal? Let’s go to the closest place Americans might be and kidnap people
  • Death to America and Death To Isreal were chanted in the Iranian parliament showing how well the Diplomacy was working.

It will be explained to us that the Iranian money was their money, we just returned it to them. They didn’t even use it for these attacks. It is in Qatar for “Humanitarian Purposes”. This is the kinda of talk you make when you know it was a bad deal, but you won’t admit it. Maybe Obama should get another Nobel Peace Prize. We here in DogFacePonia just hope we don’t get nuked. After all, none of this matters if we are all dead.

Image From: “Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Embassy Jerusalem