Something Smells Funny About the Deal

Brittney Griner in Russia Uniform

Brittney Yevette Griner was traded to the United States for Victor Bout AKA the “Merchant of Death”, to be known as “The MoD”. This Sounds like a made for TV skit to poke fun at a sports team for a one-sided trade. This had many of us on both sides of the aisle asking, “what about our Marine?” “Couldn’t we at least get a two for one?” Did we get some Amstel Light in the Deal?

We know the administration was looking for a win, maybe not for the American people. However, if we are going to go to bat for an American who either was naive of, or ignored Russian Law on Substances, we should most definitely be trying to get one of our Soldiers home. We have no love for people who make their life’s work about killing innocents.

But we are going to look at a side-by-side comparison here, over this trade deal:

  • Brittney can hit a free throw and even Dunk, the Merchant of Death can murder innocents in one hit.
  • Brittney is considered a woman, The MoD is (despite our distaste for his actions and ideology), a Man’s Man.
  • Brittney supports and uplifts the LGBTQIHTVUXYZ+ Community, The MoD supports and uplifts the Arms and Terrorist communities.
  • The CEO of the U.S. Corporation might consider sniffing Brittney. but The MoD as he is Russian, is Trump’s fault and therefore not sniffable.
  • Both Brittney and the MoD have wives.
  • Brittney is a Criminal in Russia for violating illegal substances law.
    The MoD is an International Criminal for violating Human Rights and trafficking arms.
  • Brittney being free gives the woke community a sense of justice.
    The MoD being free gives Arms traffickers and terrorists a reason to rejoice.
  • Brittney’s choices may cause some to consider what gender they really are.
    The MoD’s choices may cause many people to die.

Brittney’s savior stumbles upstairs, sniffs young girls’ hair and loves the hair on his legs being touched. His policies are destroying Energy, the Economy and has no current efforts to back the US Dollar with anything viable. He has made the backbone of America an Enemy of the State.

The MoD’s savior is imagined riding bears, takes crap from no one, backed the Ruble with Gold, exposed Nazi’s hiding behind good Ukrainian people, has a successful oil energy policy and is willing to go the extra mile to help Russians in other countries. He also personally caused the death of many in Ukraine.

One might want to think this whole thing was just “Russian Dis-information”. But we are under the impression it really happened.

America chose a 5th round draft pick and gave away a 1st rounder who could with the right team cause us and the World serious damage.

Something smells funny here and it isn’t what O’biden just sniffed. Great ready for Biden to receive a Nobel peace prize for this trade.

УГМК, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons