Gaslighting Democrat Style

Gas Fire Explosion

Gaslighting is a form of abuse in which a person or entity uses manipulation and distraction to distort the truth and make you question your own reality. 

When you hear someone use a word, you’re unfamiliar with, you will probably look up its meaning. Merriam-Webster has kept track of the words we’ve all searched and has deemed “gaslighting” as the word of the year. Gaslighting refers to the “psychological manipulation of a person over an extended period of time that causes the victim to question their reality. Strangely, woke has not ever been the word of the year nor has sexual affirming surgery.

This is not new. The idea of gaslighting came from a movie Gaslight made in 1944. So how does it get to be this year’s word? The Democrats have demonstrated the usefulness of gaslighting to control the populace.

Gaslighting ideas that Democrats are using on an unsuspecting nation

  • Men are women and can have babies.
  • Democrats are the salvation of black and Latino citizens. If you didn’t vote for Joe, you ain’t black.
  • Any boy who thinks he is a girl can compete against girls and use their bathroom.
  • We need illegal immigrants to support our aging population just not on Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Inflation is transitory. This is Putin’s price hike and Republicans fault.
  • Green energy is the now not the future. High gas prices are Putin’s price hike.
  • John Fetterman is smarter than Biden.
  • The English language is optional for aliens and for Americans.

Gaslighting Phrases that Are Red Flags (

Biden says “I never said that. You have a terrible memory.”

The principle sign of gaslighting is making you doubt your own memories replacing them with the version fabricated by the gaslighter, Joe Biden. Democrats will often tell you that your memory is bad or faulty in general and are supported by CNN.

Democrats talking points include “You’re too sensitive!”

Normal reactions, like crying or getting upset, are treated like they are unhinged if they are Republicans, particularly when you’re upset about something the government has done or said. The idea is to turn the attention away from inflation, gas prices, sex affirming surgery and governmental officials with mental limitations by making it about Ulta MAGA Republicans.

“MAGA Republicans make me furious.”

Democratic Gaslighters will also blame MAGA Republicans for their emotions, making the group responsible for upsetting them. The truth is that no one can ‘make’ you feel anything. That is a choice Democrats are making for you.

“It’s your fault I cheated.”

Gaslighters love to turn the conversation around and blame their victims for their bad behavior. It’s Trump’s fault that MAGA Republicans invaded the capital, caused the border crisis, or did something else harmful then Democrats don’t have to change anything.

“This is why no one likes Republicans.”

This is another phrase gaslighters use to manipulate you into supporting them to avoid cancelation. This may take the form of shaming or guilting you into avoiding peaceful protests or by telling you that people are saying bad things about Republicans. This behavior can escalate to taking away your phone (Mike Lyndell), All Star Game (Georgia), car keys (can’t buy gas anyway), and anything else that would allow (you) to communicate (Twitter) or escape.”

“You’re supposed to vote for Democrats unconditionally.”

Using your beliefs against you is another common gaslighting tactic. If you become upset or question them, they may say, ‘You’re supposed to vote for Democrats unconditionally. And because you don’t vote for them, you begin to question your initial reaction and wonder if you’re being fair.

“I remember you agreed to do that.”

Replacing your memories with theirs is a hallmark red flag of gaslighting. “They can be so convincing that you may believe you did actually say you wanted to open the borders, stop all fossil fuels and give Democrats a mandate for Socialism.

“If you’re lucky, I’ll forgive you.”

A gaslighter will often make you beg for their freebies and apologize profusely for any ‘wrong’ you committed, even if it’s something they did. Sometimes you may not even know what you’re apologizing for, other than they’re upset and it’s your responsibility to calm them down. When they do ‘forgive’ you, they’ll remind you how lucky you are they put up with you. Just ask Liz Cheney.

Unfortunately, many gaslighters do not respond well to their victims standing up for themselves as it takes away their ability to control them.  Often the only way to stop the gaslighting is to walk away from the Democrat Party.

Once you decide to leave, you need to do it very carefully as it’s not uncommon for gaslighting to escalate to cancel culture and physical violence er peaceful protests. Every election many in Hollywood say they are going to leave but like an abused partner they never do. Talk to your loved ones or a therapist and make a plan to leave safely. Once you’ve left, you need to go full no-contact because they will try to get you back in with promises and freebies.

We at DogFacePonia are hopeful that when we run out of gas, we will run out of gaslighting. We can only hope.

Image From: “Fire” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Fiveflower