BANKS: Safe and Effective Just Like Vaccines

No Banker Left Behind

Banks Save and Effective? According to Bankers this is Sage Advice. They have backing from the FDIC what could go wrong?

If not a bank, what options do you have?

Well, you could buy Crypto… However, the government is doing its best to destroy it, because the Government doesn’t like competition. You could put your money in a Credit Union owned by you, a member. Yet why would you not want authoritarianism for your money.

Banks are the Answer!

Here’s the Top 5 reasons you should use Banks as your money holder.

  1. Insured by the FDIC. – Granted a majority of people will never see beyond the max $250,000.00 coverage, living pay check to paycheck. However, if you have holdings of more than that, don’t you worry, the FDIC will make sure you get protected first.
  2. Perpetual ATM – The Federal Reserve will quantitatively ease the Failing banks right out of the water, it’s as easy as Click-Print. Not to worry, these aren’t considered bail outs, the money printing press was designed for moments just as this.
  3. Fractional Reserve Banking – Where Banks only retain a fraction of your actual funds. This is because they either are loaning it out to their friends or having a spin on the roulette wheel of equities. However, they will happily put Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ahead of the safety of your money.
  4. Fees to the FDIC – Yes, you heard the President, YOU are protected! The banks pay into the FDIC through fees. Which then “covers” banks that fail. How the banks recover that money well, we don’t talk about that.
  5. Gains and Losses. – The Banks privatize their gains, but the losses are the burden of the Public. But no worries here, It’s the duty of the Citizens to shoulder the Elite. If they are happy then we should be too. If you are worried at all, just remember, the banks are just as safe and effective as the vaccines.

In ending, 4 out 5 Bankers recommend storing your money at a Bank.

So what bank is best for You? We suggest trying Hunter Biden bank. The bank never runs out of assets as China backs it. Get out of jail free cards are handed out upon account creation, and like Hunter, no matter the crime, you will Face no jail time.

Although you may have to sell your Soul to China, you will get Loyalty Perks like free money and improved social credit score. We postulate that no place is safer than Hunter Biden Bank.