Beavis and Butthead Do Congress

Here is DogFacePonia we have decided to let some of young Americans sit down with Check Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to talk about the new executive orders put out by President Trump. In an attempt to find intellectual equals for Schumer and Pelosi, we have chosen Beavis and Butthead to sit down with them for a Chat.

Beavis: Hello Mr Schmuck and Mrs Peeholei, Heh heh

Butthead: Dude say their names right, don’t get us fired.

Beavis: Oh Oh Yeah, Sorry about that, Mr Schu-bore and Mrs Pee-on-me. Heh heh.

Butthead: It is a pleasure to have them both with us today. Huh Huh

Beavis: Yeah, Yeah

Schumer: Thank you for the invite.

Pelosi: Yes thank you both.

Butthead: So they told us that you don’t believe that Trump’s executive orders will help us.

Pelosi: What the president did doesn’t even accomplish what he sets out to do in the categories that he did.

Beavis: That sucks, are we going to lose our free money?

Schumer: No, but the President Trumps Plan is, unworkable, weak and far too narrow.

Beavis: So whats wrong with it?

Schumer: It just does not give the people enough to make it through this pandemic.

Butthead: But you decided to do nothing just days before? Huh huh

Schumer: Sometimes if we do nothing, the President will look bad and we can get you more later.

Beavis: Starts singing, “And Nothing else matters…”

Butthead: Shut up moron, we need to stay focused. So Mr Schumer I heard we could not be evicted now?

Beavis: Yeah, Yeah, Mr. Schutard we don’t like eviction because we don’t want to work or pay for things. Heh Evication Sucks Hehe

Pelosi: We have been hard at work as always fighting with Republicans at every turn to sink the economy and it is hard work. We fight to either give more than is realistic and if the Republican won’t do that, sink our nation. Then we just say No, either way the ship sinks and the Captain always goes down with his ship.

Beavis: I don’t get it. Work Sucks!

Butthead: Stop talking moron. Huh Huh

Schumer: Yes as Nancy said doing nothing is better than what Trump has done.

Butthead: We love to do nothing. In a way it is a motto. Huh Huh.

Beavis: Yeah, Yeah Nothing. Nothing Rules!!

Butthead: Thank you for talking with us today and good luck continuing to do nothing.

Beavis: Yes, Thank you Mr. Sch-mall-Brain and Mrs. Pee-lunacay.

Well you saw it here in DogFacePonia. We hope you enjoyed on segment. Thanks come back for more entertaining interviews and stories.