Bloomberg Says “Fire Rules” As He Burns Money

Michael Bloomberg has announced he will burn 100 Million dollars in Florida on the advice of his top political advisors Beavis and Butthead. Beavis is quoted as saying, “Fire, Fire, Fire.”

Florida has not yet experienced fire like the west coast but Bloomberg wants to get it started.

Butthead said, “We are Americans and can not let Michael Bloomberg be outdone, This fire will be seen from space, even if it takes 20 Billion.”

Michael Bloomberg had a look of minor terror, but we had Butthead all mic’d up. He comfortingly reassured Michael Bloomberg by saying, “seriously dude huh huh, you have the money and look how well the fires are going in Portland.”

Beavis then screamed, “Yeah, Fire, Fire, Fire Yeah, I need TP for my bunghole.”

Butthead then smacked Beavis across the face and whispered, “shut up dillhole the TP shortage was the plan; that is why we had Michael Bloomberg buy so much.”

Beavis then cried out, “Heh Heh, oh yeah I forgot,” then he announced, “The fire will be the best fire, FIRES Rule. Everything must go!”

Butthead hit Beavis again and said, “Dude we cannot let him burn all his money; we need to get paid.”

Beavis then stammered, “Yeah, Yeah… Everything after we get paid.”

Michael Bloomberg then said, “Yes we must beat Donald Trump at all costs.”

Butthead then leaned to Beavis and said, “See this guy has so much money he is stupid.”

Bloomberg then said “Fire Rules?!? or something ….”

Image From: “Burn Money” (CC BY 2.0) by purpleslog