Biden Automatic Teleprompter Plan

Joe Biden has used a Teleprompter to answer questions. Biden no longer has pre-scripted questions to answer but he has pre-scripted and teleprompted answers which he uses regardless of whether they fit the question. 

Biden Automatic Teleprompter plan (AKA BATPLAN):

  • It’s Donald Trump’s fault. All Joe has to do is fill in the blank. Cancer, 911, covid, energy, climate change, Cow farts, Riots, Sharknados. It works for anything.
  • Donald Trump lies. People believe it even when not supported by facts.
  • Just say I have a better plan .. but they’ll shoot me if I tell you.
  • Please move the teleprompter closer or speak louder in my ear piece. There’s only 5 people here and they won’t leak.
  • Where am I? It doesn’t matter pick a place the media will cover for you.
  • Come On, Man. Are you on drugs?
  • We follow the science. Whose science is not clear but clearly  Donald Trump doesn’t follow it. Just say science is the opposite of whatever Trump says.
  • The virus was from Russia. Why not? Just like the Atlantic, We can produce a whistleblower for anything related to Russia.
  • Avoid Questions in any way possible

Here at Dogfaceponia we don’t know if we can endorse this plan because it doesn’t make any sense. Russia has bats and apparently so does Joe. Someone or something is bat feces crazy but it’s 2020 so it’s normal.

See what else is Trump’s fault: