Liberals say Latte Riots are Trumps Fault

The top command of Rochester Police Department has defunded itself. The Chief of Police, Deputy Chief and a Commander retire themselves in support of peaceful protesters. Two others in the upper command demote themselves in support of the Chief of Police and also because they couldn’t retire yet.

The news was reported by the Mayor with a spit bag over her head because she left her mask at home. Al Sharpton was quick to criticize this action as that of latte liberals on the police force.  Police deny that they have ever had a latte.  I mean have you been in a police station which had lattes (This is not the TV show Castle).

Antifa also denies they drink lattes and say Sharpton must have meant latte white supremacists. Joe Biden must not have gotten the memo because he condemned antifa for wanting to defund the police. He continues to support peaceful protesters like those in Rochester as he has throughout the campaign. Joe walked the comments back claiming that he is a working class Joe so he doesn’t drink lattes. He pointed the finger at Trump who Biden says was a latte liberal before running for President.

Now you have it folks. Trump is to blame for riots, lattes and shapes in lattes. Watch out for Pumpkin Spice Riots!!

Image From: “mewo latte, scott richard” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by torbakhopper

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