Biden Puts a Lid On Campaign

Joe’s campaign has put a forever lid on itself (if only that was true).  Apparently, the lid is only on until after the election. Just like stick a fork in it its done, the Biden campaign has put a lid on it instead. Support the Biden/Harris campaign! Buy a lid! Buy thirteen get one free! Nothing says I love you like a lid!

Back to the Basement is a new documentary by CNN about the final days of the Biden 2020 Campaign. Does the White House have a basement set up for Joe? CNN declared Joe a winner after the last debate and declared he will win the 2020 election by a landslide. Based on that, Joe wants to stay in the basement so he can’t provide any more ammunition for the Trump Campaign. He recently called Trump supporters Chumps and bragged about an extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization that the Democrats have created.

Joe back in the basement is changing the future and his children are one by one disappearing. Reports of issues that his children have are coming out and Joe needs to erase them. For instance Where’s Hunter? Inqiring minds want to know. Where’s Ashley? (I assume the basement has a shower). What he would rather do is erase Domald Trump but he has not been alleged to have abused him and he is not old enough to be his son.

Joe is eating his favorite nothing burger with ice cream for desert (chocolate) and shaving his hairy legs and waiting for Trump to concede.

We here at Dogfaceponia are hoping he keeps the lid on, like a sewer, so the smell(ing) stays away from the rest of us.

Image from: Caca” (CC BY 2.0) by Daquella manera