Bidenomics : Does Anyone Know What It Is?

Joe Biden at Bidenomics Rally

When Joe Biden announced the new marketing campaign Bidenomics, we thought it was a joke. After we realized it wasn’t a term Republicans created to make fun of Biden. We made it a goal to figure out what the heck it is. So, we could study its impact on the economy.

So, what is Bidenomics and how can we describe it? The most obvious way to describe it is a word Biden made up and he has no idea what it means. It turns out nobody else does either. One thought if you break it down could be “Biden No Mics”. This makes sense, The Big Guy seems confused most of the time. Frequently his handlers want and sometimes do take his mic.

One thing we have heard is middle-out and bottom-up. It sounds like we are supposed to take off our belts and shake our arse in the air. I guess he hopes that will bring down prices. Then we would tell the DA we are part of Antipa (Anti Pants) and hope they will just release us. The legal system is strange these days, so if they find out we are conservative, we could be found liable for retinal assault, so we don’t plan to try this. Though it has a pretty good theme song. Face Down A** Up, that’s the way we like to Pay Taxes??? I think the words were different.

Some have said it is just a new name for Build Back Better. Biden sure likes the letter B. The Washington Examiner called it a completely empty non-philosophy which makes it match our wallets and the minds of many sheep out there.

We asked on X and got some interesting answers.

After all of this, it would seem we are learning what Bidenomics really is. The first step, ruin a bunch of stuff. The second step, pretend to fix the problem you created. The third step, run a media campaign to congratulate yourself. If there is a fourth step, we don’t want to see it. Besides it is extremely rare for Biden to make it three sentences, steps, or minutes without a blunder.

President Joe Biden, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons