DeBlasio and Trump Mural Painting Companies Anticipated

Bill deBlasio is not eligible for reelection in November 2021.  He is preparing a new venture. De Blasio Mural Painting!! De Blasio has experience in mural painting in New York City which will help him with starting up.

Every town and city should have a mural on its streets but there are also endless walls that are available.  There is a huge undocumented workforce available to paint the murals at cheap rates. His business model will include hiring undocumented vandals to deface the murals resulting in a robust repeat business. He will also have a security business to prevent vandalism.  This force will be successful since he controls the vandal business as well.

Trump is doing progressively worse in the polls.  He is also investigating new ventures to pursue after leaving office. He is considering going into the mural business.  Competition is likely to be stiff but Trump’s base will support him in his new business. He will have a jump on de Blasio because his re-election bid is a year earlier. One of his first murals is a Make America Great Again mural planned in front of the mayor’s official residence, Gracie Mansion.

We here at Dogfaceponia still expect a Trump victory as all polls (especially those on CNN) are made up.