TaB Mural Defaced

DogFacePonia celebrates the long and rich tradition of murals and other street art, and recognizes the enormous contribution these artworks make to DogFacePonia’s artistic vitality and cultural vibrancy. A mural was painted on the street in front of the CocaCola Bottling Company. The mural was: Save TaB Save the World..  Militant TaB Drinkers painted the mural hoping to convince the Coca Cola company to once again provide TaB at local outlets. 

The mural was defaced last night by Diet coke Protesters.  The Diet Coke protesters were arrested for a hate crime as were California protesters.  Rumor has it that the CocaCola company backed the protesters.

Trump will not come out in support of the mural because he is a closet TaB drinker.  TaB drinkers want Trump to come out of the closet and endorse TaB for the benefit of the citizens but with TaB so scarce it might further limit his own access.

Voice your opinion to the CocaCola Company!

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Image From: “Happy Tabs (a sketch)” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by suzi54241