Convoys for Dummies

Russia Attack Vehicle Parade

Convoys have become all the rage. In Canada the parliament was surrounded by huge trucks causing the shut down of businesses and stopping trade over the country’s borders. Sanctions were placed on the offenders and dogs were euthanized. Mike Lindell sent pillows to the truckers but they were not allowed to cross the border. The convoy which started on January 23 was not dispersed until February 20.

In the Ukraine, trucks and tanks in a convoy are seeking to surround the capital of Kyiv. The response to the convoy was economic sanctions against the perpetrators, their families and supporters. Once again MyPillows were contributed for the convoy but were stopped at the border of Ukraine. We have not heard about dogs being euthanized but Russian soldiers are looking for food so that may come soon. The Russian convoy is forty miles long and has remained at its location for 12 days now.

Convoys are not a new idea and credit should be give to all of the South American nations who have had over a one year convoy to the USA. That convoy has not stalled. We are not sure if any of these convoys will be able to stand the test of time quite like the constant flow of undocumented immigrants into the USA. It is no big surprise that Russia would have problems implementing a successful convoy like these 3rd world nations. The news constantly talks about the Russian Convey but maybe with time Putin will be punished for the undocumented actions he is taking in Ukraine. However, it seems we might want to address other areas of lawlessness first.

Basically, the Undocumented convey has been rewarded, so it is easy to see that Putin is expecting free healthcare and stimulus for all his people before backing down.

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Image From: “BTR-80” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Dmitry Terekhov