Covid Shark Attack

The U.S. Navy studies the military use of marine mammals and trains animals to perform ship and harbor protection against unauthorized human swimmers.

Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered beach closures at various times in California. He said he is particularly concerned about beach activity because of coronavirus cases. He has ordered people to walk on dry sand and not go in the water but they have not listened. In other parts of the country, things have gotten out of hand also.  With the summer heat, people are flocking to the beaches to cool off.

Governors on both coasts have sought help from the US Navy to solve this problem.  The answer was sharks!  Although not mammals, the government has had success in training sharks to protect against unauthorized swimmers as well. The sharks are trained to scare people out of the water and off the beaches.  The sharks are trained to eat Covid positive swimmers (they are better tasting anyway).  They have been making mistakes lately but you have to consider the greater good.

This secret government program has been so successful that Chicago Mayor Lori Lighfoot wants to import sharks to Lake Michigan.

Image From: “Jellycat Toothy Shark” (Public Domain) by Fleurtations-Nottingham