Deep Fakery … Got Him This Time?

Fake Trump

In an attempt to finally nail the coffin shut on President Donald J. Trump, it appears, allegedly, that he may in fact be a victim of Deep Fakery. Inside sources of the Government, indicated to the DFP Action Team, that AI Deep Fakes are way better then what is being sewn into the Public sector.

Public News has hit about extortions on the rise. A Deep Fakery could affect anyone by those with an axe to grind.

The Inside Sources indicated that voice faking isn’t a new thing. Deep fake videos, DFV’s (Deep fake voices), are so very good now, that you can have a an AI programmed conversation or a Voice modulated Conversation. Either one is very convincing without exceptional computer based analytics, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are fakes. That or having evidence exonerating the person being faked proving they were elsewhere. Usually being on video with time and date stamps is historically helpful but not always beneficial. Corroborating witnesses in addition to video evidence may in fact be very helpful.

After some research our DFP Action Team found that Voice modulation has existed for many decades now. It can at tines be fairly convincing. As can people imitating other people’s voices, though this one is usually always found out easily.

We also found that there is now Public available AI programs available to mimic ones voice in a fairly good manner like We had fun in the office making fakes of our voices and having them say, well just about anything. You could notice here and there that it was not a perfect rendition. The voice fake still had an AI computer generated edge to it.

Our Action Team inquired with the Inside Sources about this. It was indicated to them, that the Technology Publicly available to us is anywhere from 10 to at least 60 years behind Military R&D and Government led University programs.

In light of this remarkable news, We wondered aloud. They really want us to believe Trump is this stupid. First, He let himself be recorded admitting the crime. A crime that all he had to do was just declassify the material but decided not to and brag about not doing it. This is strange even for Trump.

There have been years of constant nothing burger attacks on President Trump. There are many current attempts to prevent him from running for or winning the Presidency again. So it was important to have “New” shiny evidence of a “Voice Recording” of him allegedly implicating himself. It makes sense to believe it is in fact an exceptional attempt at Deep Fakery to force a conviction where nothing was to be had. This of course would be very Illegal, but then again the upper echelon of Law and Justice in the United States of America has shown that they can’t really be trusted to follow the Law.

We are not very confident in this alleged evidence against the Great MAGA President himself. Time will only tell, but until then, be mindful of the existence of Deep Fakery. It could be used to hurt innocent people.

Image from: “Donald Trump fake” (CC BY 2.0) by marcn