Family Privilege Gets Bail Reduced

The sorority girl arrested for giving medical care without a license has received a reduced bail of $50,000. She received this bail after her family privilege got her a lawyer ($47,000 from GoFundMe didn’t hurt either).  Her bail is less than her tuition now, not the original $1million bail. Because she is an impoverished student, she got an unsecured bond. (she didn’t have to come up with the bucks). The other student practicing medicine without a license had her bail reduced but was put on house arrest (lacks family privilege). Other peaceful protesters arrested on various Trumped up charges (pun intended). Each of them received either house arrest or secured bond of as much as $100,000 or both (no family privilege).

The defense attorneys and the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office helped the judge come to a conclusion for the new bail amounts.

The peaceful protesters for Black Lives Matter have disavowed this medical missionary because of her family privilege as they do not believe in the nuclear family.

In other news, the police are clearly working hard to keep lawbreakers under control.  They arrested lawbreakers at Mitch McConnell’s house that were attending a gathering and parked illegally.  This was a conspiracy to park illegally and not make a purchase at a CVS. The cars were immediately impounded and towed away. This is a capital offense in Mitch Country. There was no announcement of any bail amount but $1million dollars is being requested by the prosecutor in keeping with established precedent.

Image From: “bail bond girl shop” (CC BY 2.0) by digitalshay