Students Illegally Practicing Medicine at Riots Confused to be Arrested

One student got million dollar bond for practicing medicine without a license. A Second student also was accused of practicing medicine without a license. No explanation was given as to why 93% peaceful protesters required medical care. One Protester said they feared going to the hospital because they thought Rioters might be blocking the entrance. These girls are acting heroically 93% of the time. This is a dangerous and apparently thankless calling 7% of the time.

In Portland, Officers said a woman being treated punched one of the EMTs, and then a different person rode up on a bike and pepper-sprayed another medic. The medics required medical care but did not get $1 million for their trouble.

The First Student claimed that she was arrested because of her white privilege (not because she was breaking the law).  She was a Kappa Delta sorority sister at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster.  The million dollar bail was based on her annual tuition which was about $60,000.  She is however a poor student who needs the money from a GoFundMe page to pay a lawyer.

The two girls admitted to practicing medicine without a license(a crime) at previous riots in other cities.  Apparently the girls were also accused of setting off fireworks without a license. They did not act to put out fires without a license. They are fake doctors not fake firefighters after all, so they made no attempt to squelch a fire in a nearby intersection. They were also charged with conspiracy to provide medical care.

We were a DogfacePonia have no idea what is going on. Apparently some think if they are rioting, laws don’t apply to them and get confused when they are arrested.

Image From: “Wartime First Aid” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Mrs Airwolfhound