Flat Earth Society Divided About Global Warming

World Balloon Deflating

According to scientist Cetshwayo Buthelezi of South Africa “If global warming continues at the current rate, by 2045 the ice surrounding the outer rim of the earth will melt.” Buthelezi went on to explain that there was great concern that if this protective rim melts, most of the oceans will drain into space. “It depends on how great the breach is,” said Buthelezi. “We do not expect to lose every drop of water, certainly the great trenches will remain full, but we must be prepared for border disputes and transportation problems.”

Scottish activist Anthony Blake Burns agrees. “The Panama Canal will vanish; the Gulf of Mexico will shrink considerably and Europe will be completely reformed.” Burns went on to explain that the Adriatic Sea would vanish, leaving Italy connected to Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and possibly Greece. The Aegean Sea would vanish as well, leaving Greece connected to Turkey. “Unless the Bosporus Strait is closed, we can also expect the Black Sea to drain a bit, as well as the Great Lakes,” remarked Burns. “Sicily will wind up as a part of a land bridge connecting northern Africa to Italy and therefore Europe.”

This reporter was able to discuss these concerns with a NASA scientist who agreed to an anonymous interview. “NASA takes the position that the earth is not flat, it is a globe,” said our source. “However, perhaps I can alleviate any concerns regarding the possibility of this “ice rim” melting. Space is very, very cold. Any water touching the edge of space along the rim of the flat earth will freeze instantly.”

Some Flat Earthers remained unconvinced, citing concerns over pollution degrading the rim; while others are concerned that as the Artic ice melts, the Antarctic Rim will not freeze fast enough, causing the sea levels to rise. The one thing both sides agree on is that they do not want Bill Gates drilling a hole through the ice wall to drain any excess water.

Image From: Possible proof of a flat earth???” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by David Michael Morris