GI Joe Biden

Duke From GI Joe

President Elect Joe Biden is upset that he couldn’t have an inaugural rehearsal on Sunday. Security concerns have postponed a dress rehearsal for his inauguration on Wednesday. The inaugural rehearsal that was scheduled for Sunday has now been postponed until Monday because of those concerns.

Joe wanted to play with his GI Joes and join the slumber party in the capital on Sunday night. Jill is able to calm him down after giving him warm milk and cookies. Joe kept saying he wanted to play with Duke. He also asked for as many national guard troops as possible to be invited to his inauguration out of fear no one else would show up. Ironically, Joe Biden has come up with a way to make a major spectacle of this event.

Joe Biden wants to be President so he can keep as many GI’s in Washington as possible so that he can play with them. He kept mentioning that Beau Biden was a GI and would be leading the troops. Hunter Biden is still alive, but is in the brig for losing his laptop and doing crack.  Joe expects to get Hunter out of the brig once as President, he can secure his hold on the nation through his support of GI Joes. Jill is indicating she intends to keep a campaign promise to revive a support program for military families.

We here in DogFacePonia are wondering if Joe Biden has regressed in development to his youth. All Sniffing aside this is not a game and taking over the capital with the Military seems very questionable for a duely elected President. We are wondering if even Joe Biden has begun to question the legitimacy of his election, or maybe he is just playing GI Joe and he cast himself as president.

Image From: “G.I. Joe 1983 Collection.” (Public Domain) by mjolnir1975