Green Trucks and Foreign Fighters to Save Ukraine?

Don Quixote attacking windmill

A Russian Convoy 40 miles long has been stalled outside Kyiv for over 12 days. The military experts have been discussing the many possible reasons why the convoy is stalled. A recent explanation suggests that Russian military trucks have gone green.

Russian trucks have been converted to electric. The commanders are definitely confused. They did not realize that the backward Ukrainians would not have charging stations along the highways. This problem also explains why the Russians are attacking nuclear power plants in order to reroute the power to the convoy. 

The Russians are also experiencing problems recharging their airplanes which have gone green.  Many trucks and planes have solar panels but the winter in Ukraine has been overcast and snowy.

Maybe the Russian Military will start building wind turbines, but all this infrastructure building will take time. If only Ukraine knew this is just all part of the Build Back Broken process.

Rumor has it a foreign fighter named Don Quixote just ravaged Russia’s green infrastructure. The Man of La Mancha has been known to take on Giants. He has been attacking wind turbines further limiting electric charging.

We at DogFacePonia do not believe Russia went green. We believe they just ran out of gas or just could not afford it anymore under the new world order’s Build Back Broken plans. As everyone knows if you mix Yellow and Blue you get Green and what is more green than having no electricity at all.

Image From : “20070516 Carmona: sculpture of Don Quixo” (CC BY 2.0) by Wild Guru Larry