Here’s a Joke -Things Go Better With Woke

Maxine Waters wearing plastic Glasses and Facemask

Maxine Waters was the victim of a horrific act.  A stuffed Donkey’s head was put on her doorstep. The White Stuffing was everywhere.(Shrek is pissed.) This was in response to her support and encouragement of mostly peaceful protesters. The mostly peaceful protesters had only looted and burned a small number of businesses in Minnesota. Woka Cola sent coupons for Coke to Maxine in support. They are renaming their soda Woke and putting out a Max (ine) size. New motto is Things go better with Woke.

The left had wanted a more memorable protest of police shootings.  They do not understand why Republicans objected to her going to Minnesota. They blame Republicans for the donkey’s head. To further exacerbate the situation, the judge gave the defense a reason for appeal based on Maxine Waters mostly peaceful comments.

The mob believes they can override the jury verdict in the Chauvin trial. The national guard has been deployed. It will not have any white supremacists in their ranks so how can they be blamed if things get out of hand?

Our ponies are concerned for their heads and their stuffing. The only good news is we don’t drink coke.

Image From: “Maxine Waters – Daunte Wright Protest –” (CC BY 2.0) by