Hunter Biden for Sale

Hunter Biden needs your help to pay his mounting legal fees. A GoFundMePage has been created for him to cover expenses while he is unemployed. Unemployment is insufficient and the $600 stimulus is just crumbs (ask Nancy).

Hunter is auctioning off his autographed laptops. They are guaranteed to have been used for lapdances and wiped clean. Disk drives priced separately after expert evaluation with providence provided.  Southeby’s will conduct the auction in Joe’s Wilmington, Delaware basement by invitation only.

Another item up for auction is dinner with Joe at his Kitchen Table(Masks and Social distancing required). Exotic Wuhan animals are on the menu and can be selected. Hunter must also divest his interest in the Wuhan exotic animal market. You can buy stock or individual animals for pets or lunch.

Hunter is selling court stamped and verified paternity tests. Be the first in your neighborhood to know who claims to have slept with Hunter and the results.

Also being auctioned is a trip to Hunter Biden’s home town of Wilmington, DE. With Hunter being the tour guide to all the places he and Joe had affairs.

Lunch with Hunter’s Ex-wife Kathleen Biden. Get the inside story that should be a hoot!

Computer repairs from The MAC Shop. You too can get your hard drive sent to Rudy Giuliani.

Jill Biden medical services in all specialties being offered at cost.

Dogfaceponia is considering paying a pretty penny (or pony) to get Computer Repairs, we would love for Rudy Giuliani to read our site, although, the Paternity test is looking interesting too.

Image From: “Hunter Biden” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Thomas Hawk